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Community Wellness Center

Community Wellness Program

The Marion School District wellness program consists of the district fitness center at Marion Elementary School and the district weight room at Marion Jr./Sr. High School to provide access to cardiovascular and toning/strengthening equipment. The fitness center is available to all members via keycard access 24/7 365 days per year (unless the parking lot is unavailable due to inclement weather or the fitness center is closed for cleaning/maintenance.) The weight room is available to all members from 5:00 AM to 8:00 AM and via keycard access for members who have had use & safety training from 8:00 PM to 5:00 AM during the school year and Noon to 5 AM during the summer. The School District of Marion requires members to have use & safety training before their keycard will be enabled for weight room access during unsupervised hours. The School District of Marion also requires members to utilize the weight room in pairs/groups during the unsupervised time. The facility has been designed to give users a high end facility to use with flexible hours and low membership fees. Your cooperation in using the equipment properly, keeping your workout area clean and respecting the facility would be greatly appreciated and will help keep membership fees down. Members under the age of 18 using any of the district’s community wellness facilities must be supervised by an adult (either staff or adult wellness zone member).

The facility is under 24-hour electronic surveillance and record members entering and leaving the facility. Please help keep this facility a high-quality, low-fee facility for the health and enjoyment of our users.

Rules for Fitness Center Operation
~Access card must be used by the registered member(s) only.
~Each user must swipe his/her card.
~Access cards that are lost, stolen, or damaged will require a $25 replacement fee.
~Membership entitles you to access to and from the fitness center and restrooms; all other areas of the school are off-limits unless specifically open and supervised.
~Spotters are REQUIRED for anyone wishing to use free weights.
~Please report any damage or unusual activity immediately to 715-754-2511 or in case of emergency, please call 911.
~Failure to follow the rules and/or misuse of equipment or facility may result in discontinued fitness center use (temporary or permanent) and/or repair costs.