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Message from the Superintendent

Photograph of Superintendent Troy EdwardsWelcome to the Marion School District website.  We would like to invite you to use our website as a quick reference for all of the wonderful information and updates from our school district.  We are confident that once you explore all of the incredible opportunities we offer our students, staff, parents and community you will see why you should strongly consider becoming a part of the Marion School District.  

Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)
Our staff created a shared mission, vision, motto, values and goals.   We are committed to making continuous improvement with a focus on results.  The power of working as a collective team for all of our students is extremely important.

District Motto
Compassion. Commitment. Community. 
Marion is a school system of around 480 students 4K-12 nestled in rural Northeastern Wisconsin.  Because of our size, we can offer our students numerous opportunities for academics, co-curriculars and still get to know and build a relationship with each student.  The community partners with the district in many ways.

District Mission
We will inspire excellence and instill positive lifelong learning for all students.  
Good enough isn’t good enough for our students.  We are committed to excellence and learning.  Marion School District is an inclusive, equitable, safe and positive learning climate and culture.  We treat each other as family.  

District Vision
A collaborative community of empowered learners on a path to a successful tomorrow.  
Students need to be effective communicators, critical thinkers, be creative and have the ability to work collaboratively.  We encourage our students to be empowered and take ownership of their learning.  Students leave Marion School District career and college ready.

Growth Mindset  
Our students are encouraged to take risks in their learning.  We celebrate successes and view mistakes as learning opportunities. Importance is placed on grit, perseverance, and determination. 

Learning Opportunities
Marion Jr./Sr. High is the #1 user in the state in the ERVING (distance learning) Network, which allows students to gain education opportunities from classrooms outside of our district. The school is an active member in the Wolf River School-To-Work program, offers dual-credit opportunities, and provides a wide-variety of co-curricular and fine arts opportunities.

Mr. Troy Edwards
Marion School District
District Administrator