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Academic Standards

Student Academic Standards: Annual School Board Declaration and Parent Notice of District Standards

The Marion School District is committed to academic excellence on behalf of the students we serve. In every classroom, in each school, and with every teacher, students are assured that they will be able to reach higher levels of learning in order to achieve academic proficiency. For more information regarding our current adopted curriculum please contact Mr. Troy Edwards, District Administrator. 

The curriculum review and design process will create opportunities for educators to enrich the approaches they take to enhance the effectiveness of learning, teaching, and assessment  as we strive to provide a guaranteed and viable universal curriculum to meet the needs of all students

For a better understanding of what students are learning currently in the areas of mathematics (Appendix A), reading and writing (Appendix B), social studies including geography and history (Appendix C), and science (Appendix D), please refer to the appendices which reflect the Wisconsin Academic Standards that are adopted for the 2023-24 school year.