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2022-23 Financial Information

District Budget & Financial Information

The proposed annual budget is typically presented to the school board in May or June in preparation for the annual Budget Hearing and Annual Meeting. The initial proposed budget provides the best estimates at the time of adoption of the resources and costs of the activities of the school district for the ensuing months of the school year. If changes are needed, state statute prescribes a method for amending the original budget.

2022-23 Initial Budget

After the School Board reviews the proposed budget, a Budget Hearing and Annual Meeting is held for the district's electors. The proposed budget and tax levy information is published in the newspaper along with a notice of the budget hearing and annual meeting. Marion holds its Budget Hearing and Annual Meeting on the 4th Monday in July.

2022-23 Annual Meeting Handout
2022-23 Historical Tax Levy & Mill Rate
2022-23 Budget Hearing & Annual Meeting Presentation
2022-23 Annual Meeting Minutes

In October, the State of Wisconsin certifies state aid and districts are required to calculate the tax levy for the year, ensuring that the tax levy remains at or below the revenue limit. The school board approves the final levy at a board meeting in late October based on the revenue limit worksheet provided by the State.

2022-23 Tax Levy and Revenue Limit Worksheet
2023 Equalized Value & Tax Levy Information

As the year progresses, there may be a need to change appropriations and purposes from what was originally adopted in the budget.  These can be due to changes in pupil counts, student needs, staffing changes, special projects, state aids and grants, or other unanticipated revenues or expenditures that come in throughout the year. When changes are needed, budget amendments are proposed to the school board and can be passed with a 2/3 majority vote of the board. Marion typically presents proposed amendments to the school board in December or January and June.

2022-23 December Budget Amendment
2022-23 June Budget Amendment